company MILCOM a.s.



MILCOM a. s. is important partner of all food producers especially dairy companies approaching to the new products, technologies and reliable food diagnostic.


We offer quality services on fields of dairy processing and packing technology, and food research, and laboratory products.


The factors in our success are our know-how, our excellent quality and innovation, trusted and long-term partnerships with our customers and individual, flexible customer support by a team of professionals.


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Filling and wrapping machines


Complete delivery program for production and packaging of butter


Service and spare parts for NAGEMA PA1 and NAGEMA PU3 machines



Obalové materiály

Deary research


Dairy research


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Machine equipment for dairy industry. Complete delivery of machines for production and packaging of butter. Industrial cutter and thermizers. Service and spare parts for NAGEMA PA1 machines and NAGEMA separators.


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Dairy cultures, yeasts, microbitests


Dairy cultures, yeasts, microbitests.





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Mlékárenské kultury, kvasinky, mikrobitesty

Preparations for home production of  milk products


Preparations for  home production of  milk products




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Živné půdy,  syřidla, pomocné látky

Cultivating mediums, rennets, auxiliary substances


Cultivating mediums, rennets, auxiliary substances.




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