Filling, forming and wrapping machines for packing of pasty products into the foil.





The machine is suitable for wrapping of butter and butter mixes, soft cheese, quark, margarines, lard etc. Thanks to the contious development and inovations, the machine meets all demands for safety and hygiene standards as well as demands for easy operation and maintenance. The unique construction combined with advanced elektronic control system and modern mechanic guarantees a troublefree working mode. Thanks to robust and compact constructin, the machine is suitable also for multishift operating. Filling, forming and wrapping machine MILCOM PA1 means the best solution for wrapping of your products.


technical parameters:


  • Dosing range - 100 g - 300 g
  • Output - adjustable from 60 - 120 pcs/min.
  • Wrapping material - parchment, aluminium laminated foil, plastic foil EKO FPO WRAP
  • Photoelectric centering device
  • Coding device - emboss print, thermo-print, inkjet
  • Machine control - PLC Siemens with touchscreen
  • Covering - stainless steel, plexy glass








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