Butter homogenizer HMM1200

Butter Homogenizer MILCOM HMM1200

The equipment for butter homogenization.





Butter Homogenizer MILCOM HMM1200 rationalizes the processing and packaging of cold stored butter by:

Reducing the time of defreezing - butter having a temperature of not less than 0°C can be homogenized by the homogenizer.

Adaption of the homogenizer to the output of the combined packaging machine.

Improving the quality of the butter - by ensuring finest water dispersion resulting in an increased shelf life of the homogenized and packed butter. Likewise, the spreadability of the butter is improved.

Reducing the loss of water during the packaging operation - the homogenizer is adapted to the actual quality of the butter by means of - a variable feed screws drive, rotor having different number of knifes and the regulation of the flow speed in the outlet.


technical parameters:


  • Output - 800 - 1.600 kg/hour
  • Recommended temperature of the butter before homogenization - +4 - +15°C
  • Temperature of the butter after homogenization - +13 - +15 °C
  • Rotor speed - 700 r/min.
  • Number impeller blades - 12; 16; 24
  • Speed of the screws - 12 - 22 ot./min
  • Power consumption - 9,5 kW






Homogenizátor HMM1200



homogenizer HMM1200homogenizer HMM1200homogenizer HMM1200