block packing machine


Machinery for packaging of butter, lard, margarines in to the blocks.





The operating personnel switches on two small cylinders that shift circular supporting plates to the platform. An empty carton is placed  upon rollers between plates, the big cylinder and also the platform is ejected by a driver from the primary position to the upper position against the filling head. After opening of a filling shutter the butter starts to be filled into cartons.  Two filling places are combined in such a way that at one place the product is filled, while the second one is getting ready for filling. After the carton is full and shifted to the roller conveyer, the control of the weight is performed on the control scale with eventual hand correction.


technické parametry:


  • Products to be filled - butter, margarines, lard, specific type of cheese
  • Filling output - 1.500 - 4.500 kg/hour
  • Weight of block - 15 - 40 kg - other formats available
  • Dosing accuracy - + - 100 g
  • Block dimensions - according to the customer‘s request
  • Control - PLC Siemens
  • Machine construction - stainless steel, plexi glass






block packing machine MILCOM MPVH 25


block packing machine MILCOM MPVH 25packed cartonscontrol panel