wrapping materials

Wrapping foil EKO FPO WRAP

This material is perfect for packaging all types of butter and butter mixes with oils, cottage cheeses (roll or sheet), fromage cheese, ice-cream, yeast, lard, minced meat, and sweets. It can well replace the AL/P/PE laminates.





EKO FPO meets the new approach requirements of Directive 94/62/EC on Packaging and Packaging waste. EKO FPO is an environmentally friendly packaging material, containing mineral substances (51.5%, including chalk, talc, and calcium), and polyolefins (48.5%)


The advantages of using EKO FPO WRAP:


  • extended expiry date for foods,
  • reduction of package bulk to a minimum,
  • best buffering available,
  • enhanced durability
  • high quality of print.