industrial mixers (cookers)

Industrial bowl cutter and thermizer (cooker) MILCOM FB 02


Suitable for production of processed cheese, cottage cheese, yogurts, kefirs, sauces, dressings, pate, meat spreads - hot or cold products.








Industrial bowl cutter and thermizers MILCOM FB02 can be used anywhere, that there is a need to cut, break up, cook, mix and stir your products. Our machines are equipped fully according to the demands of our customers with respect to required quality of their products and actual trends and regulations. Mixers MILCOM FB02 are madecompletely from high quality stainless steel. All parts of the machine, such as control panel, vacuum pump, filters, heat exchanger etc., are placed together with the mixer on the stainless steel frame, which ensures compact design. Industrial cutter and thermizer MILCOM FB02 is the best choise for prdoduction of your products.




technical parameter:


  • Delivered capacities: 30, 60, 80, 100 a  120 liters
  • Drive: - double speed engine - frequency convertor available
  • Agitator with drive - 35 r/min.
  • Pneumatic lid opening - for bowls 100 and 120 liters
  • Separate control panel
    • PLC Siemens with touchscreen
    • recipes storing
  • Available equipment
    • bowl with double wall and direct steam injection
    • sream filters
    • automatic regulation of steam injection
    • automatic regulation of the water temperature in double wall
    • stepless regulation of rotation
    • special hopper for dosing of ingrediences
    • vacuum pump







cutter MILCOM FB02



MILCOM FB02 jednoduchý plášťMILCOM FB02 dvojitý plášťMILCOM FB02 + zásobníkMILCOM FB02