Continuous butter-making machines

Buttermaking machines MILCOM KM 1000, KM 2000 a ZKU25

Continuous buttermaking machines





The buttermaking machines are intended for output ranging from 800 to 2.700 kg of butter per hour, according to the type of the machine. Their design is derived from well-tried series of the buttermaking machines type KM and ZKU, however, design of the drives of single units is different. Revolutions of the churner are controlled by the frequency converter. Thus set up revolutions are maintained more accurately than with the originally used hydraulic power pack - noise level decreased essentially. For the drive of the separating roll and kneading machine, speed control is not done using the variable speed gearbox but frequency converters are used like for the churner. In this way, structure of the whole buttermaking machine has been simplified essentially and consequently costs for maintenance have been reduced. All parts coming into contact with butter or cream are made of high-quality stainless steel.The buttermaking machine incorporates a system for dosing water into butter and tank for icy water with the pump. Switchboard with frequency converters is located separately outside the machine.




technical parameters:


  • Output according to the type and quality of the cream
    • typy KM 1000 E - 800 - 1.200 kg/hour
    • typy KM 2000 E - 1.700 - 2.200 Kg/hour
    • typy ZKU 25 - 2.250 - 2.750 Kg/hour
  • Fat content in cream - 36 - 44 %
  • Watter content in butter - 16 nebo 18 %
  • Cream acidity - 32°SH
  • Fat content in buttermilk - max. 0,5 %
  • Air content in butter - max. 5 %
  • Dispersion of water in butter - max. 5 µm
  • Temperature of butter on the outlet - 15°C
  • Rotation frequency of churning cylinder  - 700 - 1800 r./min. adjustable
  • Rotation frequency of separating cylinder - 10 - 22 r./min. adjustable
  • Rotation frequency of kneadling cylinder - 40 - 80 ot./min. adjustable






Homogenizátor HMM1200


zmáselňovač KM1000Hnětač