butter transport and buffer unit

Butter transport and buffer unit MILCOM DMC 2

Suitable for lines with capacity from 1.000 to 3.000 kg of butter per hour.





Butter transport and buffer unit MILCOM DMC 2 is designed to be installed at the outlet of the buttermaking machine where longer distance to the packing machine is to be passed for the butter. The butter conveying device is recommended to be used for sanitary reasons - to prevent butter from contact with surrounding environment on its way between the buttermaking machine and packing machine. The device consists of the bin with feed worms and pump with rotary pistons. All parts coming into contact with butter are made of stainless steel.




technical parameters:


  • The device consists of:
    • buffer unit (silo) with screws
    • pump with drive
    • control panel
  • Output of the screws - up to 3000 kg/hod.
  • Discharge - 0,45 MPa
  • Capacity of the silo - 500, 1000, 1500 litrů
  • Consumption - 2 kW/1000 kg of butter
  • Weight of the equipment - cca 1.100 kg






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