Machine equipment for dairy and food industry




Company MILCOM a.s. delivers large scope of dairy equipment, especially focused on processing and packaging of butter and pasty products such as margarine, lard, soft cheese, butter mixes, yeast etc.


Industrial mixers (cutters and thermisers)


Important part of MILCOM‘s manufacturing program makes production of industrial cutters and thermisers suitable for processing of processed cheese, quark desserts, mayonnaises, spreads etc.


  • All our machines suit latest requirements, both customers demands for hygienic, fresh tasting products with extended shelf-life and those for low cost and comfort operating and easy maintainance.


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Packaging material

Advanced, environmentally friedly packaging materials EKO FPO, developed in cooperation with Tetrapack, suitable for packaging of pasty products such as: butter and butter mixes, lard, quark, soft cheese etc. It can well replace Al/P and Al/P/PE foil.

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